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Changing Lives for Families in Need Through the Love of a Caring Community

Providing Hope & Help

Living in poverty can affect a child’s ability to learn, grow and realize a future of hope. Children right here in our community lack the basics that kids need to focus and strive in the classroom, leading to a lifelong struggle.

Through our Day4Hope program, we partner with caring community volunteers to provide essential school supplies, health services and support to ensure children in need in our community are healthy, happy, safe and ready when the school bell rings.

What We Do

Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness

The Growing Need in Our Community We bring awareness to the needs of the children and families who lack resources and support in our communities.

Community Involvement

A Day4Hope

Giving Parents Peace
and Children Hope

Day4Hope are our annual back-to-school events hosted on local church campuses that provide underserved children with everything they need to begin the first day of school with dignity. When there is a community that cares, there is hope.

Ongoing Relationships

Continuing Hope

Ongoing Relationships
We coach faith-based organizations to continue relationships with children in their own neighborhoods and communities.



Our mission would not be possible without the volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to the children of our community! To make our Day4Hope program successful, we need the support and involvement of professional and community volunteers.

Professional Volunteers: Medical Professionals, Dental Professionals, Hairstylists & Barbers and Photographers

Community Volunteers: Families, Students, Individuals, Clubs, Organizations and Agencies

Our Day4Hope programs run for 4 Saturdays every summer.

Our Impact

In 2021, our 13th annual summer, we served 3,051 students, thanks to hundreds of volunteers, at 20 events, with many partnering churches.

Help us change more lives by growing our
Day4Hope Events in 2022!


Churches on the Suncoast make this event possible.

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Ongoing Relationships


Forging Lasting Relationships

Day4Hope are not a one day, one touch event, but rather the beginning of life-changing, new-formed relationships for the children and families in our community who are in need. Churches invite these families back for church service, Sunday school, youth group and more. Families have access to better opportunities, including Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas gifts, receiving help to move into better living arrangements, and having assistance with car repairs and job searches. The list goes on.

Continuing Hope can be anything from immediate monetary assistance, year-round events to build relationships, or offering tutoring to children in need. It’s all about investing in the children and making a difference in the lives of these students.

Community Involvement


Giving Parents Peace and Children Hope

Our Day4Hope program provides homeless and disadvantaged children with a back-to-school event on a local church campus. Each child receives a medical exam, dental exam/cleaning and floss treatment, eye exam, haircut, school and family portrait, new backpack filled with all the needed school supplies, a care bag of personal care items, gift cards for new clothes/uniforms and shoes, and meals throughout the day.

Raise Awareness


Addressing the Growing Need in Our Community

When our economy was sluggish in the spring of 2009, Pam Hawn and her husband, Mark, recognized they were going to experience a change in their lifestyle. Being self-employed in their family business, began to feel the effect of the changing economy. At the same time, Pam shares that God laid on her heart that despite the struggles, she is to remember her heartbeat for the homeless. If it was getting harder for her and Mark to provide for their three children, how were the moms and dads in the homeless community providing for their children?

That began a passion in Pam which lives out today.

We at Hope 4 Communities want to raise awareness of the shocking number of homeless and disadvantaged children in our community.